NABRO Responsibilities

Our responsibilities at NABRO

Providing independent, unbiased and non-partisan analysis of the executive arm of government’s annual budget estimates.

Providing independent and continuous review and monitoring of existing and proposed programmes and budgets of the Federal Government.

Provide analysis of the economic implication of the Federal budget on the private sector and the budgetary and financial implication of any proposed legislation when so required by any committee of the National Assembly.

Keeping proper track of bills passed by the National Assembly to determine whether the tax and expenditure goals set by the National Assembly are met in relation thereto.

Providing assistance to relevant committees in both houses of the National Assembly, particularly with information that shall assist committees in the discharge of their functions including
Information with respect to budget and all bills providing new budget authority
Information with respect to estimated future revenue and changing revenue conditions.

Aggregate of all current liabilities and existing financial commitments.

Preparing and presenting to the National Assembly periodic forecast of economic trends and alternative fiscal policies with regards to the Federal Governments money bills, brought before the National Assembly in a financial year.

Providing the National Assembly with cost estimates including the inflationary impact of any proposed legislation.

Submitting to both houses of the National Assembly, a report of:
All items funded in the preceding financial year for which authorizations or appropriations were made in the National Assembly.

All items contained in the appropriation act in the preceding financial year but which are not funded by the Federal Government.

Publish and disseminate information it generates including reports, analysis, forecasts, etc.

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